Ready to Ring in the New?

There’s a cowbell from Switzerland, camel bells, a supper club bell from a county fair. Sleigh bells that jingle. A brass bell with a brass clapper. A porcelain bell with forget-me-nots. My mother used to ring a little silver bell to call us in for supper but I don’t know what happened to it. This string of bells with ribbon and old yarn is from my childhood home, hanging on a door now in my house. You hear them jangle as someone comes in or out.

Tonight I’ll shake this motley collection of bells to ring in the new year. Something I’ve never thought to do before.

23 thoughts on “Ready to Ring in the New?

  1. I think this is the perfect New Years Eve to ring those bells! I am done with 2020! 👎 Happy 2021! 👍

  2. Dear Ruth…We are wishing you and yours a happy new year with many peaceful and healthy days ahead. When I stayed in the country people fired guns. When in the city people banged pots and pans with spoons. We will enjoy vicariously the chimes from your bell collection.

  3. Fun. We had to explain to C that we celebrate New Year’s on the day before New Years – he was confused. I don’t blame him; it’s a little backwards when you think about it. Will have to get some bells to ring for next year.

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