My daughter sent me an article about removing the red notifications in apps on the iPhone. They were set to “on” for text and phone calls. I didn’t have them notifications turned on for email. Before I turned the motivations back on the number went up another 324 in a day.

I went to settings, toggled the notifications button just to peek and see how many unread emails I had in my two accounts.

Turned off notifications again.

My word of the day is AVOIDANCE. I showed this photo to a couple of people and it’s interesting, the reaction I receive

8 thoughts on “Avoidance

  1. OMG! I would be so intimidated by 80K emails. I think I would buy a new phone and change my email address. OR…I would unsubscribe to the way too many emails you receive! YIKES!

  2. Talk about information overload! I was interested in the WordPress notifications, of course. So I went to the WordPress Reader and looked at my Notifications settings. According to that, I should be getting lots of email notifications for lots of things, but I chose ‘Never send email’ for reader subscriptions. I’m going to look at all those settings more carefully now!

    • I need to click the “never send email” box. Will go look now. Thanks Margy. It’s a bit overwhelming

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