Jan 1. 1977 Three Kings’ Cake and Spring Seeds to Plant

This page is from the January 1, 1977 New York Times Magazine.

My sister sent me the photos of the clipping today as Epiphany or Three Kings Day is January 6th. This day is the traditional day families would take down their Christmas decorations when I was growing up .

One side of the magazine page is Three Kings’ Cake recipe article by Mimi Sheraton. This recipe makes two Loaves of sweet bread with yeast and lemon and orange rind, currants and mixed fruits. Almonds are hidden in the dough to be discovered by one lucky eater .

On the reverse side of the paper is an ad to order seeds for Spring planting. Park Seed is celebrating 150 years of being in the gardening business.

(This is not the same king cake of February’s Mardi Gras.)

Three Kings’ Cake by Mimi Sheraton
Park Seed- 150 years in business in South Carolina

My friend Roberta sent me an email this evening with a video from the University of Pittsburgh French Nationality Room Galette Des Rois (click the name of cake to watch) see how to make another type of Kings’ Cake with Almond paste and puff pastry. The French version.

4 thoughts on “Jan 1. 1977 Three Kings’ Cake and Spring Seeds to Plant

  1. I am always interested in recipes. Especially baked goods. I collect them but don’t bake them. The kings cake does look yummy!

  2. What a great recipe and video, both recipes look delicious! It would certainly be hard to decide which one to try first. Congratulations to Park Seed for running such a successful business! Thanks for sharing, enjoyed the post.

  3. What a good idea to have a holiday to prompt people to take down their trees. Ours is still up – and I fear it will remain until Easter… :0

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