Book a Goat for your Video Call

You can book a Goat with a Note video or a 5 minute call from the Live goat Cam during your video call or Zoom meeting.

The goats live at CronkshawFold Farm in Lancashire, United Kingdom.

The bookings help support their farm. I hear there will be baby goats soon.

I booked the live goat for a McWalker Yarns Knitting Zoom and ordered a goat video for a Happy Hour, due to time zones and availability.

It was a lot of fun and everyone got a kick out of the goats appearance.

Here’s the Goat with a Note eating the message

8 thoughts on “Book a Goat for your Video Call

  1. Loved having the goat join our knitting zoom meeting. Great way to support this farm, you’re always coming up with greats idea to surprise us Ruth!

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