Trash Trifecta

You’ve seen my posts of Recliners in the Rain or Whose Chair? And maybe read my 2017 piece on Guaranteed Distraction of Unexpected Garbage. Remember the Pink Toilet Waiting in the Snow? (From 11 years ago? )

If you’ve followed the blog for a time, you’ll recognize the theme. There have been some fine items waiting for pick up I couldn’t photograph and had to drive on by. This one I captured by actually getting out of the car instead of pulling over and taking it from the driver’s window.

Wednesday night’s trash awaiting pickup was a real find. Perhaps it felt extra sweet cause I haven’t been out and about this past year so no new discards could be found.

Trash Trifecta

9 thoughts on “Trash Trifecta

  1. A disassembled reclining sofa, how lovely. I don’t mind when people set items out to give away, because we’ve done the same. But I dislike when furniture sits on the boulevard in the snow and rain. No one will want that. I do enjoy these slice of life shots, though.

  2. We live in very different places – our local trash company will only pick up items that fit in our bin. We have to arrange for (and pay for) a special service to take everything else away.

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