Woolswap Chat Episode 3

Most people who follow the blog know I like to knit. A lot!

I joined Woolswap in 2018. Gayle Stone, of Australia, created the international program in 2016. I have “met” the loveliest woolswappers in many different counties by participating in the program. Gayle does a great job matching up fellow knitters with similar interests.

This evening Gayle filmed our Woolswap Chat -an interview filmed at McWalker Yarns in Millvale Pennsylvania. It’s about 40 minutes long. You can click the link to view if you wish.

Here’s a quick pic of Gayle in Brisbane and me in Millvale at the yarn store. Thanks Amy and Gayle.

Woolswap Zoom interview
Brisbane,Australia/ Millvale Pennsylvania

11 thoughts on “Woolswap Chat Episode 3

  1. That was fun Ruth! I just watched and listened to your Woolswap Zoom interview. Your passion for knitting came through loud and clear and you are now an international presence! I love that Gayle (the interviewer) is planning a trip as soon as guidelines allow … and one of her first stops will be Pittsburgh!

  2. I watched the interview with my husband and we both loved it. You did a fantastic job, your love for the art of knitting clearly showed. Your love for knitting has allowed you to connect with knitters and make friends in several different countries and here is the US. We enjoyed hearing about the fabulous yarn and knitting notions sold at Mc Walker’s Yarns in PA. How generous of you to offer to pay for the shipping cost on the first 3 international orders made thru Wools Swap, at Mc Walker’s Yarns.

    • Thank you for taking time to watch. I have certainly “met” the loveliest knitters with your being at the top of the list, Carrie.

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