Yinz Irish?

Yinz – Wikipedia
“Yinz is the most recent derivation from the original Scots-Irish form you ones or “yous ones”, a form of the second person plural commonly heard in parts of Ulster. When standard-English speakers talk in the first person or third person, they use different pronouns to distinguish between singular and plural.

“Yinz is a second-personplural pronoun used mainly in Western Pennsylvania English, most prominently in Pittsburgh…..”

March 2021 Photo South Side of Pittsburgh

7 thoughts on “Yinz Irish?

  1. Ah Happy St. Patrick’s Day from sunny Ireland.
    Yinz reminds me of the use of ‘ye’ here in everyday chatter even though it sounds like it’s out of a zillion years ago.

    • Same to you. Thank you, Dan. I took that shot a few years ago but it seemed a good one for today.

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