Meet Oscar

Oscar is a labradoodle who will be one in August. He’s enjoying being part of Laura, James and Charlie’s family. They’re enjoying him, too. ❤️

I don’t think he’s supposed to be on the couch but I wasn’t going to tell him
How do those balloons stay afloat?
A secret for cousin Jack
He moved his head so it’s a blur but he certainly looked tall when he joined me on the couch

12 thoughts on “Meet Oscar

  1. My daughter and her family have a very lovable Labradoodle who will soon be 3 years old. They live near Tilden Park in Berkeley, CA, and she is named Tilden.

  2. it’s nice to have a dog in the family!! And tho his name is Oscar, he does not seem like a “grouch!” 🙂

  3. What a beautiful dog, he’s adorable and certainly surrounded with a lot of love! Labradoodle’s are great dogs.

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