Mt. Rainier Above the Clouds – Guest Blog

Today’s guest blogger is 8 years old, starting Third grade in the fall. Wow! Look at this photo she took from her flight’s window.

Thanks Ellie, for allowing me to share your shot of Mt. Rainier, Washington. If you hit the link on the name you’ll see it’s also known as Tahoma or Tacoma, I looked up the elevation and it’s 14,411 feet (4,392 meters)

Have a wonderful vacation and thanks for sharing your photo today. Your grandma has been a blog follower and good comment writer for years.

11 thoughts on “Mt. Rainier Above the Clouds – Guest Blog

  1. Beautiful! We’re going to Seattle at the beginning of August. I’d love to visit Rainer!

  2. When visiting seattle your best view of Rainier is likely to be when flying in – you circle the mountain and often get the view in this photo. From the ground – nothing to see.

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