Unread Emails Number?

The number I screen shot, caught my eye.

I shared the number with a friend, the number of my unread emails.

It’s pretty high, I thought. And all those ones! Yikes.

How does it feel to look at your own number of unread emails? What do you think when you look at mine?

(I just looked and it’s now an additional 41 since yesterday afternoon).

15 thoughts on “Unread Emails Number?

  1. Yikes for sure, I get close to 40 a day, and just delete the ones I’m not interested in. If there happens to be a spam ad in there I just block them. If I had that many I’d delete the whole folder and start over, lol.

  2. I would be filled with anxiety if that number were mine. I’d be deleting and unsubscribing as fast as possible!

  3. I delete emails after I look at them (except pix of my grandkids) I don’t like clutter. I think you should go for a worlds record!

  4. Yikes! I have 24 emails in my inbox right now – all current and mostly from family as we plan summer events. My husband’s account has several hundred – he subscribes to lots of car and woodworking stuff. We are slowly rightsizing belongings and obligations – rightsizing email is all part of that for us!

  5. Ruth – you seem to have a lot of organized followers …. who streamline their email inboxes on a regular basis. Kudos to them. I, on the other hand, have over 15,000 emails in one account and over 900 in another. For a few reasons. (1) I don’t read and/or delete many of the junk emails and they just sit there; (2) I can’t bring myself to delete interesting links or photos so they just sit there; and (3) I can’t bring myself to delete without looking at an email first (probably due to my FOMS issues – Fear of Missing Something). Maybe I need an intervention? I just cannot delete it all and start over ….

  6. This number makes my stomach hurt. However, I have a different threshold for unread work vs. personal emails. My unread work emails is around 10 right now. My unread personal is about 100. (But I’m catching up on some of those right now.) 😉

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