20 thoughts on “Figs. Yes or no?

  1. Yes. And thanks for the link you provided to the article “Are There Really Dead Wasps in Your Figs?” I had no idea that “figs aren’t technically a fruit; they’re actually an inverted flower.” It’s a fascinating article.

  2. I love figs. My grandparents had a fig tree that I used to climb as a little time and eat them right there

  3. My father had two fig trees when I was growing up, one produced the dark purple (black) figs, another had green figs. We’d wait until the ants started crawling on them so we’d know they were drippingly sweet. Then we’d flick off the ants and feast. Wintering them over was a challenge, especially in the days before large sheets of plastic were available. We would wrap old bedspreads for the first layers then old carpeting. It was quite a process but worth every bite.

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