St Philip the Apostle. Ashford CT

St Philip the Apostle Church in Ashford CT , “was at the center of the small community of farmers here, most of them of Slovak descent. It was that community who helped to build St. Philip, literally with their own hands. Every day, as they went about their work in the fields, the farmers would set aside stones they found, and every weekend they shaped those into the walls of the church that still stands here.” From the website

On Pompey Hollow Road in Ashford CT

I pulled in their driveway to take the photo.

9 thoughts on “St Philip the Apostle. Ashford CT

  1. Beautful! You seem to be having a great Connecticut trip. Hope the leaves turn their Fall
    colors while you are there!!! XOX

  2. Beautiful beautiful. I am amazed at what people can do with field stone. Usually I see walls or farm home and structures This is the first time I have seen a church. It is obvious that it has been well kept and greatly appreciated across the year. A perfect photo for a Sunday. Thanks Ruth.

  3. That is deep dedication to one’s faith – and such pride in “ownership” those original creators must have felt. A tremendous legacy.

  4. Can you please add this place to our Slovak directory: in the category HERITAGE. If you don’t know how, let us know if we can add it with the picture you made. But hopefully you will success. Thank you!

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