One Night in Oslo

The Knitting Cruise ended Thursday morning and we took a bus to the Kirkenes Airport, dispersing to various destinations. I’m headed to Reykjavík via one night in Oslo. After supper I walked and walked around the city, realizing my time in Oslo is short.

Here’s my night gallery of Oslo.

City Steps in Pittsburgh

”Pittsburgh has more public staircases (800+) than any city in the United States. The City’s steps connect communities and provide residents access to transit and other amenities”

A3335182-92FA-4B9B-B167-F089D90FD769Garfield   The Steps to Ft. Pitt School

Sidewalks can be steps, too.


Book by Bob Regan   Photos by Tim Fabian 588B00B2-BDC7-4C68-BE5A-A04539FF0555

Ice Hotel/Hotel de Glace Guest Blog

I was going to post the results of a light snowfall in Ohio where I’m visiting… but then –

my friend Kristin from Florida (and steadfast blog follower) texted a dozen photos today that fascinated me.

Thought you’d enjoy seeing the Ice Hotel in Quebec City. Hotel de Glace.

I’ve never been to an Ice Hotel but I loved the virtual tour via her photos.

I asked if your lips stick to the glass made of ice. You lick it first. Brrrrrrr.

(Maura said it reminded her of Elsa’s Castle in Frozen)

the only bathroom they saw

Chrysler Building Times Eight

Variations on a theme is the weekly Photo Challenge by Ben H.

I’m not in NYC today but at Thanksgiving, I shot a lot of views of the Chrysler Building. Here are eight of them.

Architect William Van Alen. Completed in 1930.

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


AND in case you can’t read the mirrored letters they say “with gratitude”

which a good theme for the new year-

Columbus Free Public Library 

Every 8 Minutes It Goes from Day to Night

Westview and Kennywood and
Luna Park. A mixture of iconic symbols of several area parks

The lighting changes to make it night.  The lights come on. You can see people inside of the buildings and it absolutely twinkles.

This is the train display at the Carnegie Science Center.  It’s there ALL year long, not just the holiday and there are over 100 animations in it.  There’s even a woman rocking on a porch in a rocking chair and a tiny cat whose tail swishes out of the way of the rocker every time it rocks!

We got the grand tour and two volunteers were kind enough to describe some details and answer questions the kids had about the buildings, planes and trains.

Maura Jack and Michael with Andrew who helped create many parts of the display.

Mr. Gracey knows a LOT about trains and the details of this display.  He used a flashlight and an laser pointer to draw our attention to different buildings and landmarks. The church is a replica of Ebenezer Baptist Church which burned down in 2004.  The two firefighters badges are inside the model of the church.  “Battalion Chief Charles Brace and Master Firefighter Richard Stafanakis were killed in a fire that also left a total of 29 other firefighters injured.”

Mr. Gracey mentioned that he plays St. Nicholas four times a year.  I believe it. 

There are six trains going throughout the display. That’s Forbes Field on the left.

You can see a building(red roof ) being moved

Tuesday Morning This House Will Be Moved Up the Street-Guest Blog

Guest blog today by my friend River Watcher on Neville Island.

Thanks Deb for sending these pictures today.

Their whole neighborhood is planning to come out and watch this entire house be moved to the waiting lot up the street. The foundation will be dug AFTER the House is moved. My plan is to go document the actual moving of the house on Tuesday morning.

I’m amazed this can be done. When Mark was little in 1978 we watched a house be moved down the street in Philadelphia.

ready to roll