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Tuesday I received a Happy New Year email with this note.
Shuey writes:
“It’s been awhile since I’ve seen something in this category that was worth a U-turn and a stop.
I spotted this one while returning on a rainy day from “The Last Ride of the Year” which I go to every year to see some of my long distance riding friends.  I was between rain clouds and the contrasts of light and shadow really caught my eye.  Not in the picture, but off to the right, set much further back from the road, was a nice double-wide trailer. I’m guessing this building was the original family homestead now abandoned with a descendent family still living on the property.  Whether this old house is kept for the memories or it’s just to expensive to tear down . . . who knows.  Definitely worth a stop.   I’ll bet this building could tell a story or two if it could talk.”  
Google Street view from 2016 shows a building in much better shape

Berrydale Florida
Once upon a time it was “Home Sweet Home”

8 thoughts on “Near Berrydale – Florida Highway 4 Guest Blog

  1. Traveling as we do we see many buildings like that and I wonder what the history of that home is.

  2. I see many houses like this in rural Florida. I always wonder….who lived there and what was their story. Great photos!

  3. Breaks my heart to see abandoned homes left behind, especially when it’s a home I know. Alot of love and beautiful memories in these places. Thank you for sharing.

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