March Coming In

It’s a new month. March. Changeable weather predicted but isn’t it always changing?

Is there truth to “In like a lion, Out like a lamb?”

Here’s a piece in the Farmers Almanac

There have been big snowstorms in March. Blustery winds. Time will tell. According to the Weather Bug “The “official” first day of spring is widely known as the vernal equinox. This year, the vernal equinox will commence on Sunday, March 20th, at 11:33 a.m.

It’s the groundhog who predicts when Spring will arrive.

7 thoughts on “March Coming In

  1. So on March 1st, in Florida, it is a cool 50 degrees. All our azaleas are blooming and there is pollen everywhere. It is already spring.

  2. I can see a shadow from the left paw which typically means March will indeed come in like a lion. Like Kristin I am in Florida so I’m not too worried. dc

  3. I smiled so big to see the lion puppet!
    And enjoyed the almanac snippet – I almost bought a farmers 2022 almanac calendar (clearance last month) but got a flower one instead – but I kindly regret not getting the almanac one because it had monthly tidbits! Maybe next year
    And cheers to spring ☀️😊

  4. We pretty much always have a snowstorm during boy’s high school state basketball tournament weekend. It’s as if the weather can read the calendar for this one very bizarre occasion…

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