16 thoughts on “Kalamata Olives Yes or No?

  1. I can’t stand the flavor of Kalamata olives. They taste bitter to me. But my wife loves them! On the other hand, I love black olives. I think they have somewhat of a nutty flavor.

  2. Me again. 0 for 3. No to mushrooms, asparagus and kalamata olives. Just the green olive with pimento. Yes to tomato, cucumber, onion, green beans, shredded carrots in a salad and that is about it. Picky I know. dc

  3. Nope. I just don’t enjoy the flavors associated with Greek food…. feta, these olives (I do enjoy black and green olives), fava beans, eggplant….. But I do love baklava. 🙂

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