Quirky Museums

Years ago I bought my sister a book.

The Cockroach Hall of Fame and 101 Other Off-the-Wall Museums by Sandra Gurvis.

This past week when I was visiting Mary, I photographed the cover and peeked inside. She had post-its, handwritten notes (such as the addition of The Jell-O Museum in Leroy, New York) inside the covers, ticket stubs and newspaper clippings about other museums she’s come across.

Do you know anyone else who has been to the National Mustard Museum in Middleton Wisconsin?

Then we went to get coffee and a cardamom bun. Would you believe we walked right by the Museum of Illusions in an old bank on 8th Avenue as we walked to 14th Street? It’s only been there since 2017 so is not in the book.

Yes, there is a Hearing Aids Museum in Kent, Ohio.

When checking the newspaper clippings my sister clipped and added to the book, I stumbled upon a link about controversy when the Museum of Chinese in America reopened last summer 2021.

The Cookie Jar Museum founded by Lucille Bromberek of Lemont Illinois is now closed

Hearing Aids Museum in Kent, Ohio article
A ticket stub from The Tenement Museum
I love that the book is so well used
The Museum of Illusions in NYC on 8th Ave

My friend Randi told me about the Spam Museum in Minnesota. Also called the Guggenham. Don’t worry if you’re not in the neighborhood. There are free virtual tours!

If I’d stayed longer, I would have looked up more of the museums and posted their status.

5 thoughts on “Quirky Museums

  1. Who would have known…not I…It is true. There really is something for someone everywhere.

  2. If one exists I’m sure you’ve been to the Yarn Museum. Details please. Probably nearby is the Knitting Needle Museum. dc

  3. When we take a road trip we always look for “off the wall” out of the way museums.

  4. As a Minnesotan, I can tell you that the SPAM Museum in Austin, MN., is worth your visit, even if you don’t like SPAM, which I don’t. The exhibits are well done. Lots of history, interactive sections, etc. I highly-recommend touring this museum. And I would like to visit the mustard museum, near my second daughter’s home in Madison, WI.

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