Maura Helped Me Out this Afternoon

Lighting candles at St. Patrick Church near the statue of St. Joseph, Maura helped me out this afternoon. I’d given her a ten as she was headed out the door. Asked her to light five as they’re two dollars each. Take a picture, I called to her. She did exactly that!

The candles will burn for hours in that holy space, throughout the nights. It’s an intention to remember friends and family who are ill, going through a difficult time, experiencing loss snd grief, facing treatment and or surgery, recovering from surgery, expecting a baby. A candle can be lit in gratitude and thanksgiving, too, whatever you believe.

A candle seems a universal symbol for hope. A way to let someone know you are keeping them in your heart. Thanks, Maura.

The five candles Maura lit for me by St. Joseph

9 thoughts on “Maura Helped Me Out this Afternoon

  1. Thank you Ruth and Maura. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated. Your description is especially meaningful. I am a true believer.

  2. What a beautiful thought, so nice of Maura to help out. The power of a candle and a prayer goes a long way.

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