The Northern Cascades- Guest Blog

My sister is visiting our brother and sent me these photos Washington Pass Overlook
The Northern Cascades

A .5-mile paved loop takes you atop rocky outcroppings that overlook the valley floor far below and give you prime views of the jagged peaks opposite you. It’s one of those dramatic pictuesque scenes you come to love from the North Cascades.”

I’ve been on that winding road and what I remember quite vividly is there are no guard rails but yes, the view is spectacular.

11 thoughts on “The Northern Cascades- Guest Blog

  1. It is beautiful but I think that is where the deer all come from that eat cherry tomatoes! dc

  2. These pictures are beautiful, so happy your sister is able to spend time with your brother.

  3. I have never had the pleasure of seeing the mountains in the west. Majestic is a much over used description….still it comes to mind…would love to be walking the trail with your siblings..

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