My Tomato Harvest this Season

Who knew that deer would come in the night and eat the tomato plants. They missed one. I picked it today. I got one yesterday, too.

But you couldn’t tell it was a cherry tomato by the photo. So I added the nickel today. My friend said she’d come over with her canning equipment.

Todays harvest
Thursday’s Harvest

15 thoughts on “My Tomato Harvest this Season

  1. Ruth – my sister keeps planting a large garden every year and most of the produce is confiscated by critters in the wee hours. An exercise in futility. Seems the only thing that is not appetizing to the critters is her asparagus. I think the answer is to frequent all the wonderful farmer’s stands.

  2. I wonder why the deer left that one? Maybe it wasn’t a deer after all. How well do you get along with your neighbor?

  3. We grew tomatoes in the same spot for 8 years when we lived in Maryland. Two raised bed gardens with no fence. In 7 of the 8 years, we had bumper crops of tomatoes (and peppers, basil, mint, etc.). But one year, the deer chomped the plants down to stubs in one night. Fortunately, it was early in the season and I bought new plants . . . which they left alone. It only happened the one time.

    Have fun canning! 😀

  4. They look adorable! That’s the ‘fun’ thing about pics – you don’t always know the size of the item. 🙂

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