Water Bells at COSI

COSI Center of Science and Industry in Columbus

Surface tension of water molecules illustrated in this exhibit.

Here’s an article Fun With Water Bells you can try this at home
Charlie stuck his hand in the flowing water you can see how it created a divide
The 3 Water Bells

“It turns out that this effect was already studied for the first time in 1833 by the famous French physicist Félix Savart and has fascinated many great physicist ever since (Boussinesq (1869), Taylor (1959) and, recently, Clanet (2001)). They found that the shape of the bell can be understood as an delicate interplay between inertia, surface tension and gravity click for more information from a physicist‘s perspective

11 thoughts on “Water Bells at COSI

  1. I’m not science minded. Easier for me to grasp a recipe for Hotdish. But this was interesting. dc

  2. We learn so much via your adventures and photos. This is new to us. Bet Charlie loved the feel of the water around his fingers. You always find interesting things to do.

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