Soda or Pop?

I wanted to show my granddaughter Anna the Pickle favored Soda at Grandpa Joe’s Candy Store in the Strip District of Pittsburgh.

I’d no idea there were so many unusual flavors. We were window shopping and did not purchase or consume any. They certainly were colorful.

Shirley Temple, Marshmallow or Pickle

Ketchup or Kettle Corn? Bacon?

Blue Cheese? Mint Julep?

Sour Puss has many different flavors Kiwi Orange and Blueberry Lemon or Fruit Punch
Honey Bun
Birch Beer or Grape Raisin
Bubble Gum on the right
Twirly Pop Rainbow Fruit Punch or Strawberry

6 thoughts on “Soda or Pop?

  1. In our part of the world we call it pop or a soft drink or even a fizzy drink. There is a store in our town that offers 22 common types of pops that you can mix with syrups (some sugar free) to create a new drink!

  2. We have a place here in southern Minnesota where such odd varieties of pop (definitely not “soda” in Minnesota) are sold. I seldom drink pop and probably would not be interested in trying these flavors. But they’re fun to look at and wonder, how does that taste and who comes up with these flavors anyway and do they ever sell?

    • I like the colors but don’t want to drink them. The crazy tastes sound unappealing to my palate. Thanks for your nice comment today Audrey.

  3. Love the variety of colors and shades! And pass on consuming any of them. 🙂 Where I grew up, it was “pop”, but I always said “soda”.

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