Tiny Tea Set

There was an article by Emma Orlow in the NYTimes (although the miniatures convention has ended for this year.) Inside the Big World of Small Objects. “For over 40 years, Tom Bishop’s dollhouse miniatures show has been the gold standard for serious collectors and hobbyists alike.

Made me think of this miniature tea set I have here in my house.

Missing a teacup

6 thoughts on “Tiny Tea Set

  1. Over the years I have spent time in the Carnegie Natural History Museum. There is a room filled with rooms of miniature furniture. As a child I found the miniatures mesmerizing. In fact I find all miniatures mesmerizing. Ruth, thanks for reminding me.

    • Miniatures are mesmerizing; and I could never own them. I fear I would break/lose/otherwise destroy them, sucking all of the joy from the experience. So I will just enjoy seeing the collections of others.

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