Definitely Got My Attention

Laura was driving Roy and me to Story time at the Westerville library. Yes, I was a passenger for a change. I saw the red corvette emblazoned with State Highway Patrol Laura with her younger eyes read the smaller white lettering (which is blurry in photos and blurry to my eyes ) that the vehicle was seized due to multiple DUIs (Driving Under Influence).

Here’s an article about how the vehicle is used

7 thoughts on “Definitely Got My Attention

  1. Meh. It ain’t nuttin’ but a durn Chevrolet. When I was in the Navy, stationed in Hawaii, on the Big Island, the police drove their own cars for work. You saw some nice police cars then!

  2. On weekends they let little old ladies borrow it to roam the neighborhoods looking for discarded furniture to photograph. dc

  3. Over the Independence Day holiday, we saw a car that was completely totaled due to drunk driving. It made an impact; I like that this one is more widely visible.

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