Felted Soap

My friend Joanne gave me this colorful bar of felted soap that came on the wooden soap stand.

“Benefits of felted soap Felting the soap helps with longevity, lather and exfoliation. Felted soap dries out faster after each use, preventing the natural glycerin from dissolving as quickly. This makes the bar of soap last longer for you to enjoy. The felting also helps with the grip on the soap.”

Directions to make your own felted soap are on Twig and Tale Blog.

Or step-by-step tutorial on Fiberartsy

Lathers up quickly as is a pleasure to use to wash and scrub

9 thoughts on “Felted Soap

  1. A while back when I was knitting and felting bags to sell ( you knit and shrink them) with wool I got a bad chest infection. The Dr. said it was from knitting with the wool yarn breathing it in. So I would be careful about having wool yarn around your face. Sorry to be a Debbie downer. ,

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