Easily Influenced

Tayler Earl of Henderson, Nevada has a YouTube channel Wool Needles Hands. Forty five thousand subscribers and I’m one of them!

She posts a couple times a week.

In this recent episode she showed her acquisition of a woven Peanut Basket which she uses to hold yarn as she knits socks, TAAT (two at a time)

Her enthusiasm convinced me that yes, this was an item I needed cause guess how I like to knit socks? TAAT!

I’m sure I wasn’t the only sock knitter who knew a Peanut Basket would be a terrific addition to my knitting life. Here’s the one I ordered and received about five days later. You can see how one side holds the peanuts in their shells snd the other side is for the discarded shells.

The yarn Stained Glass is hand dyed in Thetford Vermont by Michele of Woolens and Nosh

6 thoughts on “Easily Influenced

  1. You do amazing work and who knew peanut baskets were a thing? Now I do. As for TAAT. I’ve been eating donuts TAAT every Sunday for a very long time but never realized TAAT was a thing either. Your blog is a graduate level educational program! dc

  2. TAAT socks are the only way to go! (With the exception of color work, that would be insane!)

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