Meet Harry “Good News” Gosnell

The People at Work Series grew by one occupation today. Meet Harry “Good News” Gosnell, awarded Top Volume Sales and Customer Appreciation at #1 Cochran Subaru dealership. Selling Subarus for 19 years is what he’s good at and he’s gotten to go on trips to Colorado, Scotland and San Diego

If you have to buy a car, (just thinking about having to do so made me cringe) Mr. Gosnell treats you the way he would like to be treated. Kind, courteous, respectful and positive all around.

At almost 170,000 miles it seemed unwise to invest a lot of money into my old car cause who knows what might fail next. I do a lot of highway driving, visiting my families in Ohio. Safety features are essential. It was a great reliable run for my 2011 Outback but it was time to commit to a new car.

Being an extremely satisfied customer at #1Cochran in Monroeville, I returned to buy another Subaru Outback. I learned that Harry gets terrific Google Reviews for his test drives. My purchase was his thirtieth sale this month, with six more days to make sales. He took the time to instruct me how to operate all the new high tech and safety features on the 2024 Model.

I asked if I could post his portrait as he made the purchasing a new car, a positive and smooth experience. I wanted to say Thank You, Harry. I know why you got recognized for excellent Customer Appreciation.

Tiny diamonds in the gold pin signify his achievements. There are ten!
Harry took my photo in my new vehicle.
Photo by “Good News” what an apt nickname

17 thoughts on “Meet Harry “Good News” Gosnell

  1. A friend of mine just bought one. Great cars and I’m so glad you upgraded as there are many new gadgets/safety stuff so it’s not just the new car smell that one enjoys with a new car. Outback even has a GPS for finding abandoned furniture which I’m sure Good News showed you. Drive safely Ruth. dc

    • Thank you dear dc. Yes, the safety features are incredible. Not sure about the GPS for the abandoned furniture but I could probably get a chair in the back of the car if I see one 😂

  2. We have owned one Subaru after another and have always been treated right at #1 Cochran too, but we’ve never had the privilege of buying one from Harry. Hopefully, he’ll still be there if/when we decide to get a new vehicle. 🙂

  3. When driving a new car you feel as if you could be in a drivers Ed film. Travel safely my friend, beautiful new car gcr

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