Just 3 Months Past Date

No Problem. Today I found this tin of chocolates in a box when I cleaned up my “craft room” . I’m pretty sure they were an intended gift. Couldn’t possibly give it now. So I ate one of the bars.

No noticeable diminished pleasure!

Have you eaten anything past date lately?

I took the Best By date a suggestion
Google Translate App comes through

8 thoughts on “Just 3 Months Past Date

  1. It takes a long time for chocolate to go bad. I was expecting a BBD of 2013! I always say, it means it’s best before the date but still good after, and in the case of chocolate, quite a long time after. Now I have to go and find some chocolate to nibble on.

    • Thank you Darlene. It did taste just fine. I’ll probably have to devour another today, just to confirm.

  2. Definitely fine to consume. Still unopened there is no problem. Even when opened and dropped on the floor the 5 second rule applies. Now mushrooms are another story. There is no best buy date on them because they are not meant to be consumed. You’re welcome. dc

  3. I respect the “best by” dates of dairy, but consider the dates as mere suggestions for most other things. 🙂

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