“Suburban 2-Step” Songwriter at Club Cafe – Live – Friday Dec 2nd- Pittsburgh PA

If you want to hear some good music in Pittsburgh this Friday night, head down to the Club Cafe on South 12th Street for the Early Show.

 Christopher Mark Jones– Songwriter will be performing with the band.  You might remember two of his tracks from his Heartland Variations CD were featured in the poet bio I filmed- Michael Wurster: CIty Books Session.

Christopher’s new CD Suburban 2-Step will be released in Spring 2012.

Eve Goodman will be performing with John Caldwell, too.

You can listen to some samples here and also see another photograph I shot of Christopher.  Tickets are $10 at the door. Show is 7-9 PM.

Mr. Lenny Moran-Burgh Nation T- Shirt Man

Saturday morning I drove down to the Strip District of the city to purchase items for the cookie table for the wedding. Ingredients; pistachios, hazelnuts, almond paste, Portuguese Pignoli Nuts, anise seed,fig jam, and some doilies for the cookie trays. Stopped by the Steeler Nation T-shirt display and told the proprietor his shirts were being worn in Zagreb. I bought them last year. We struck up a conversation and before you know it, Mr. Lenny Moran opened his a guitar case and showed me where Tom Petty had signed it T.P. and then had a well-worn leaflet autographed by Muhammed Ali. Turns out Lenny is a songwriter as well as a Steeler Nation T-shirt entrepreneur. If you’re from Pittsburgh you might have heard his Rock’n the Igloo!   Check out his burghnationtees.   He had a tablet with wireless capability and I was able to show him the post of the Steelers slide show where he was featured last January.   Lenny had placed Steelers folding chairs to save a parking spot for a couple of nuns who came and set up a table to sell Advent wreaths.  It was a nice morning.  He graciously consented (I hadn’t asked last January) to be on the blog.  Thanks Mr. Lenny Moran.

Lenny Moran and his autographed guitar.

Note to SELF:

 Carry good camera at all times

Carry good camera at all times

Everywhere, ALWAYS!!!

All iPhone once again.