Vintage Yo-Yo Clown Doll Spared from Trash

Vintage Yo-yo- clown hanging around.  Looking pretty sad. Full of dust.
Time to throw him out?  V, we talked about things with a face!  Fifty years of saving him,  gave him a bath. Spared from the trash.  Don’t remember really playing with him,  just propped up on a bookshelf, flopped really.  Colorful and jingles when you move him.  The bells probably dangerous for a child. I think there are still people who make these yo-yo dolls and will check it out. He was just always there.

8 thoughts on “Vintage Yo-Yo Clown Doll Spared from Trash

    • Thanks Ruthanne. I think you are my #1 reader!!! I will have to award you something , say, how about a glass of wine??? Ruth

  1. This could be the start a child’s story book.You always rescue things. Remember the doll house?

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  3. How did you wash him? Did you just soak him in mild soap and water? I have two and a Santa I recently came across while going through old cardboard boxes of things packed away 20+ years… they were mine as a baby – my nursery was clowns. Scary I know. LOL.

    • I think it was Dawn dish washing liquid. He came out fine but the stuffing in his face compacted a bit. Good luck. Do you think anyone makes these anymore?

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