What Steve Put on the Mantel in Front of Still Life

Deborah McLaren’s still life is one I purchased at the PERSAD  Celebrate Life Celebrate Art auction at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh last May.  The other day I sat at the table, looked up and saw Steve’s additions to the decor.  He has been purchasing RITZ crackers frequently since I bought the painting, subliminal influence?  I wrote to the artist(http://www.deborahmclaren.com/) for her permission to post the image of her painting along with his props. Steve’s fun additions- the unexpected sight of them in front of the still life-  I laughed out loud!  How to make life fun!

Still Life Oil Painting by Deborah McLaren, Props on the Mantle by Steve

12 thoughts on “What Steve Put on the Mantel in Front of Still Life

  1. Thank you Steve and Ruth for a clever, cheerful way to start my afternoon.
    Lamb Chops is so uplifting in that pose.

  2. Real life mimicking art…Steve is now my favorite artist I understand and appreciate what he did more than i understand what the original painting is trying to communicate!

  3. I’ve always had the highest esteem for steve, but now this clever man has moved to the top of my list of fabulous folks!

  4. Well – that’s different!! Snowflakes are certainly appropriate right now!! It’s good to think outside of the box – the Ritz Box, of course!

  5. Had to let you know I just finished my box of holiday Ritz today! Such a great photo….

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