2 thoughts on “City Rooftops at Night- Santa in an Igloo Inflatable

  1. Ruth,
    Just to let you know, your grandchildren would LOVE to have an inflatable in their yard!

  2. Oops!!! Mike always threatens to put a big inflatable up in our yard to shock our family when they come! My daughter-in-law would be horrified!!! Erika is right – the grandkids would love it. Don’t think it will be happening, though!
    While spending Thanksgiving in Minneapolis, we noticed all the gorgeous planters many houses had for Christmas. They were tasteful, and beautifully done with all kinds of winter greens, branches, berries, etc. I tried to create my own when we got home. It’s not too bad, but I think I can do better next year! Can’t quite compare to the ones in Minneapolis. I need practice!

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