Sunflowers in the Snow

Near the Bloomfield Post Office, these flowers caught my eye.  I had just mailed  a package to my DIL in Ohio. I told the clerk I was mailing the hat I had just finished knitting.  “Did you ever read The Knitting Circle.” she asked.    “Never heard of it”, I replied . She stepped back and reached under the different envelopes and pulled out the book.(author Ann Hood)   I asked, “Do you knit?”    “No.  But reading this book makes me want to”

I told her about Natural Stitches Knitting Store in East Liberty by Staples and Trader Joe’s, the little strip mall where Phar-Mor used to be.

One thought on “Sunflowers in the Snow

  1. They’ll be there and ready for spring!! Just need some sun to dry them. All purpose sunflowers! I was actually just thinking that it would be nice when all of the red tulip bulbs that we planted bloom in the spring. The sunflowers say, “Why wait?” I know – I should enjoy the beautiful winter, and stop thinking about spring!!!

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