11 thoughts on “Feral Cat in the Snow

  1. Another great photo. I was on a two hour delay myself today when I saw the snow again. I hope everybody made it to work safely.

  2. Ruth: Great photo. Ferals will find this weather hard, but they take shelter somewhere until the show stops I think. i have a feral that adopted me and has lived on my porch for years. She sometimes invites others over, but I don’t encourage it. She hangs with my two cats, loves my neighbor and even lets us pet her. When the big snow came, she disappeared for 2-3 days, then turned up hungry – where she sheltered I don’t know, but I suspect it might have been in the storm sewer.
    There is an organization that will help trap and neuter all your feral cats – they clip their ear to show that they have been neutered. Mine is female (a tortie) and came with a clipped ear.
    Keep up the great photos. Linda

  3. i’m on a 2 hour delay too but my delay is washing the floor in the kitchen – i’m just delaying doing it – the kitty is so cute and i kinda feel sorry it is out in this crazy weather

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