8 thoughts on “Newspaper Delivery in the Snow 2-16-10

  1. You guys continue to have an awful winter. We have alot stuff on teh ground & its been very cold., like 10-15 degrees below normal.
    Thank heavens there is no more snow in the forecast, right this second.

  2. This is hilarious – so good to laugh!! How artistic that the Post Gazette wrapper and the awning are similiar in color (for the art teacher!!! ) and probably similiar material as well!!

  3. Your photo reminds of Saturday of the big snow,. when I went digging through the 21 inches to find a paper for mom to read… I ended up going to the store to buy one… Every day my paper is in a new spot!

  4. Our P-G deliverer has been great. It’s come every day. I don’t know how. On the Saturday Marianne mentions, my husband looked for the paper and didn’t find it, but I saw a tiny green corner of the bag sticking out of the snow and brought it in. Even the mail didn’t come that day.

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