Finding Joy in the Snow 2-20-2010 Columbus

It is not all gloom and doom, piles of dirty snow.  A break in the Cabin Fever on Saturday.  Sledding down the Firehouse Hill on Orange Road in Columbus, OH.

Sledding in Columbus Ohio
Usually "unpeopled" photo of the day, grandson Michael as he came down the snowy hillside.

16 thoughts on “Finding Joy in the Snow 2-20-2010 Columbus

  1. Now I see one reason you go to columbus AOAP (as often as possible ) 🙂 !!! A great snap-shot: full of life and movement!!! Love E

  2. There’s the part of snow I miss!! Living in FL does have drawbacks: I don’t see my grandchildren laughing and playing in the snow!

  3. What wonderful comments, Ruth! You really touched people with this picture, not that you don’t always do that 🙂 Let’s get together – how does your 2nd week in March look?

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