Wild Turkey in the Snow

Unusual back up on Bigelow Boulevard and no traffic from the oncoming direction.  Saw the wild turkeys eating the corn put out for them. Usually you would fly by doing 45, no chance for a shot.  I was driving from school,  surprised by the long two lines of cars as I approached Herron Hill intersection.  Fluffy large flakes and an increase in wind?  Just driving and thinking. Inching up to the light.  Thinking.  The huge TV at the gym explained the clog. Showed the scene I’d just driven by but I’m not reporting on that.  Today it is just Wild Turkey in the Snow.

Wild Turkey in Urban Landscape
Wild Turkey in an Urban Landscape, No Still Life Today

But today it is just the Wild Turkey in the Snow.

10 thoughts on “Wild Turkey in the Snow

  1. Ah yes, turkeys in the snow. I’m glad you saw them; glad for your photo so we can see them too–and glad someone feeds them.

  2. Linda M. and I used to see them outside – through the library window of Greenfield School!! One wild turkey was huge!! Saw deer at times, as well – through windows on other end of the hall Hey – you ended up with a snow day – no school – 3 day weekend!!!! Good or bad??!!

  3. This is what I see so often behind my apartment building – and deer families foraging in the woods. But not so often in he blizzard season! Nice job, Ruthie. Love, L.

  4. i am with toni – saw turkey and an occasional deer out of the window at greenfield – great picture ruth E

  5. I still see the turkey, deer and crows out of my window at Greenfield School. Too bad you all are not still there with me. Miss you,

  6. Another great shot!! These winter shots are so fun for me!! I miss a lot living in Florida!!

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