Icicles Backlit by Low Beams on Josephine St

When I left Tess’s house after Book Club, the snow and streetlights created a dramatic winter scene.  She pointed out the giant icicles on the neighboring house.  Walked to the corner and took a shot but just not enough light to make them interesting.  A car came down the hill. I was able to catch some of the light from their low beams as they backlit the giant icicles that almost touched the ground.( Well, the deep snow covering the ground). The term chiaroscuro surfaces as I look at the shading now, the darkness, the light. An article about the use of it in photography Lighting is All About Chiaroscuro explains what I was trying to achieve with the use of available light.  The car’s lights timing saved the shot.

Caught the light just as the car approached the stop sign.

10 thoughts on “Icicles Backlit by Low Beams on Josephine St

  1. This one is my favorite so far this winter (bumped Michael sleding out of the top spot). The light is just magnificently captured.

  2. This photo catches the drama of it all. Folks trying to make their way. The paths carved out in the snow.Cars traveling and trying to light the way. The stuck feeling of the ice just hanging on. Winter is hanging on for a little while longer. Someone recently said, “Just think of all the moisture that the roots of all the plants will receive and how green our spring will be.”
    I like that way of thinking.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. that’s how my house looked 2 weeks ago – my neighbor did lose her gutter from the icicles – they are beautiful though

  4. Water as ice: WOW. Water as tsunami: Wow! Just called my family on Oahu to find that they left their oceanside home EARLY this morning for higher ground with friends on Eastern shore. Waves due in hawaii around 4PM our time. And now I’m off for a personal experience with another form of water = snow!! 🙂 Wonderful photo and note, ruth. Thanks

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