14 thoughts on “Boy’s Best Friend

  1. This is 1 of my favorite shots that you have posted. With a catch in my heart I thought of my childhood in NE Ohio and all those innocent walks that my sister and I shared growing up. We walked through a covered tunnel underpass to get to our elementary school.

  2. I love your pictures of light. One of my students was looking at the snow in the light on Friday. He marveled at the way it glitters in the light. I think that it was his first real look at snow that way. This picture just reminded me of that. Nice shot.

  3. Oh, Ruth, I enjoy all the photos but this one is a keeper. For Mother’s and Fathers everywhere – I LOVE this one. Thank you. L

  4. It’s as if they’re asking each other -“Should we or shoudn’t we?” I love this one!

  5. Your family is blessed having your beautiful photos and shairing a piece of history about your family with us.

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