Behind Giant Eagle on Shakespeare Street

I wrote and illustrated a little book for the students called You Need to Read.  It illustrates reasons you’d need to read–sorting baggage tags for the different destinations at the airport, a firefighter finding a street name on the city map, a chef reading a recipe, a patient reading the medicine label, high voltage and thin ice. Love the exclamation point.

The importance of reading signs, what to dump where?
I am sure there was a reason someone wrote this on the dumpster but who read it?

14 thoughts on “Behind Giant Eagle on Shakespeare Street

  1. Great! I love the irony and subtle humor you catch in so many of your photographs.

  2. Very funny, this summer MCG Photography will be taking images based on the environment. This would be a great example to show to our students!

  3. First email I opened this AM, and got a good chuckle with my coffee.
    Thanks for the smiles, Ruthie!

  4. Ruth I can’t stop laughing. From one Public School teacher to another– great snapshot… OF LIFE!

  5. I was just writing about a student reading for purpose and meaning when I saw this! So funny. I love your work.

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