Baby Doll Flies Like a Flag on the Moon

Where a house used to be, unshoveled steps to an empty lot.  An iron pipe for a rail. What’s left of it.  On the way to school I look up and see this bizarre sight.  Pulled over, flashers on, catch of the day, one block from school Thursday morning.  Had to look up the definition of stock-still

a rubber baby doll stuck on an iron rail on an abandoned lot a block from school
Just like the flag planted on the moon, immobile.

11 thoughts on “Baby Doll Flies Like a Flag on the Moon

  1. So much snow …. it has mostly melted around me …
    I feel the cold …. and something else… a bit creepy! 🙂

  2. i must be odd – i think its kinda funny myself – very original both the picture and the flag baby

  3. Kind of creepy……since I’m spending time with 2 toddler girls who care
    for their baby dolls like real babies…..I’m thinking “poor baby, she must be cold.”
    For me…….sad comes to mind!

  4. Interesting dichotomy between the light of daybreak and dark absurdity. Life occurs to me like this more often than I’d prefer. I appreciate this photo…

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