3 Swollen Rivers & Pittsburgh Skyline

Late Friday(3-12-10) afternoon view from the West End. Gun metal, pewter, slotted spoon, ash, mouse fur, battleship, silverware, smoke, charcoal, aluminum, elephant skin, tankard, chrome bumper, suit flannel, grandma,opossum hide,chain-link,coal car,low clouds,skyline,Pittsburgh –all shades gray.

Pittsburgh Skyline and Rivers Beginning to Swell
Snow melts and the rivers begin to rise

14 thoughts on “3 Swollen Rivers & Pittsburgh Skyline

  1. Earlier this week, you photographed the reason our football team has it’s name! Here’s why we are 3 Rivers City, and a hint of the bridges to come!! 🙂 Love this photo! xoxxo

  2. What a neat scene just like the good old days!! thanks for sharing these great photos.

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