One Good Thing in Winter

Citrus!   Dr. B. sends Steve a box of Indian River Grapefruit for Christmas, all pink inside. R prefers Tangelos. The kids love Clementines. Lemons might be my favorite.  Last week our principal had snacks for the teachers. We had to stay at school – make up time.  Bummed to stay an extra 3 hours at the end of the day but greeted by this box. The blinds for the library windows are on-order so the sun came out and fell right on the fruit.  I peeled the skin and bent it so the oil was on my fingers.    I ordered  the book Oranges by John McPhee after reading his quote (3-8-10) , his comparing California and Florida oranges.  Abstracts for May 7 & 14 1966 Articles in the New Yorker.

A box of oranges to stave off winter blues
A box of oranges to stave off winter blues.

5 thoughts on “One Good Thing in Winter

  1. Yum, I can almost taste the fruit–and smell it as you peel it back.
    And a delight to the eye…

  2. Beautiful color. I preferred California Navel oranges until 2 years ago. Haven’t read John McPhee’s quote; but I’ll vouch that the juicy Honey Bell FL oranges are a treat to match the California varieties. In January they harvest the Sugar Babies – and they are wonderfully sweet and juicy – and my new favorite winter fruit.

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