Racing Pigeons

Pittsburgh’s halls and lodges and posts.   Just last week I was at the American Legion in Sheraden. This architecture is listed as Old Style. Arlington Avenue.  I’ve never seen a pigeon race. Says the average race is 300 miles at the website  American Racing Pigeon Union calling pigeons “the thoroughbreds of the sky”.   City pigeons don’t seem particularly hygienic but I am sure the Racing Pigeons are tidy and groomed.  Thinking about who belongs to this club, who races pigeons these days? Found an Australian site with pigeonpoetry– poems attached to 8 racing pigeons, a 60K, and bets on winner as a fundraiser, each bird with a flashy name-Old Man Time, Baron,Sydney PEN Shadow…  who knew?

Racing Pigeons Hall on Arlington Avenue Pittsburgh
I've never seen anyone enter or exit this club when I drive by after school. Looks like they have a sponsor. I've wanted to photograph this sign for awhile. A quick shot from the driver's side.

6 thoughts on “Racing Pigeons

  1. Ha,ha I was fooled as from your words I was expecting a photo of pigeons.
    They do have some pretty colors in their feathers. I don’t like the idea of racing them–or dogs–or any animals…
    Your words, Ruth, are as interesting as your photos; you have a double talent!! And even more with knitting and teaching–and grandmothering.

  2. Bud Light rather than regular Bud? This sign brought a smile: I guess the owners and supporters are health conscious, too.

  3. I help rehabilitate injured pigeons and other birds and find them all worthy. Pigeons are strong flyers with amazing navigational and homing capabilities. The race is about returning home first from considerable distance. They can get to be very tame, love to be with people. The are despised because they are common, numerous and leave their waste everywhere. On that basis, people could be considered to be the ‘rats’ of this world.

  4. Mike actually raised racing pidgeons and raced them as a kid. He said it was a lot of fun! He knows LOTS about it –how to band them, etc.!!! He had been to the South Hills Club. Amazing that the pidgeons could come back to Pittsburgh from as far away as Kansas!!!!

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