Umbrella Woman in Oakland

Thursday night. Just finished shooting a poet for her chapbook photo at Frick Fine Arts.  Started to rain. Stabilize camera on a sycamore tree. Experiment with wet pavement/light reflections. Cable remote so no camera shake. Cathedral of Learning behind. Enter stage left- Woman in a raspberry sherbet coat, a huge black umbrella strolls into line of vision.

The Umbrella of Oakland, Pittsburgh
As if casting sent her, she entered the scene on cue.

14 thoughts on “Umbrella Woman in Oakland

  1. Ruth, I love the Cathedral of Learning and it looks so beautiful in the picture. Amazing how you can make a rainy evening look so pretty!!! Have a wonderful visit. I too am visiting my nephews–a new one arrived March 16th. Here now and then off to Philly to spend time with my niece.

  2. Beautiful colors in this photo, and then the Raspberry coat……put it all together
    and WOW! Thanks, Ruthie
    Did you have a nice Spring Break…I hope it was lazy!

  3. with some of the lights on in the cathedral and the bareness of the tree, it almost looks like its haunted!

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