Perspective Study in B & W

Big sister, little sister, walking together down the long hallway, the sunlight streaming through the windows- a pattern on the floor. Fifth graders learn how to draw a school hallway, how things close to you are larger, how all lines come together at the horizon’s vanishing point. Waiting for the boys to finish soccer class. Back and forth, back and forth, down the long hall. Spring break is vanishing rapidly. It’s been a good week.

Light patterns, a long hallway, big sister, little sister,
Anna and Maura entertain themselves waiting for their brothers to finish soccer class.

7 thoughts on “Perspective Study in B & W

  1. what a wondeful play of light. And I love how you captured big sister, little sister walking hand in hand with each taking a step.

  2. i love this picture – kinda makes me wish i was a big sister or had a big sister – how lucky Anna and Maura are

  3. Light, geometry, and sensitivity—you really have the magic. I love this photo in every aspect. And your commentary – no wonder you won the award. My kids should only have had a teacher like you!!! (I wouldn;t have minded myself!). Ruthie, you are truly a special gift. Thanks for all theviews. Love, Lois

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