Amazing Blind Marathon Runner and His Guide

Googled to see if I could get information about the blind marathon runner and his guide.   I was photographing Laura’s friends @Mile 20, saw the shark run by, anything distinctive, colorful or interesting, runners getting the crowd going. How about this to make you wonder, what is your excuse for not being out there running?   Cpt. Ivan Castro and his guide Lt. Col. Fred Dummar up from Fort Bragg, NC received hearty cheers as they rounded Bryant Street corner. Nice article in Post-Gazette about the two Iraq war veterans.

What a dynamic duo running the Pittsburgh Marathon, Sunday May 2nd.

3 thoughts on “Amazing Blind Marathon Runner and His Guide

  1. That is so inspiring. There is a handful of blind people that go to the gym. They know how many steps to the treadmill and other equipment.

  2. Ruth – I had heard about this amazing team, and I saw them run by on 5th Avenue. I wish I had one ounce of the spirit that these two men have. Great photo – thank you for sharing!

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