Model Railroad Mother Hangs Out Wash

Somedays it’s fun to play.  The era is supposed to be c.1936.  My mother pinned clothes on a merry-go-round contraption with a center metal pole, stuck in a concrete surrounded hole. The needs-to-be-oiled sounds of a pulley as the clothesline is reeled out with colors, shapes and flags. Whipping around in the breeze, drying in the sun.  The smell of a pillowcase on a clean bedsheet that earlier flapped on the line. I bought these at the Hobby Shop.  Read about HO scale .

Just reading about HO scale on WikiPedia. Miniatures appeal to me.

8 thoughts on “Model Railroad Mother Hangs Out Wash

  1. I remember that fresh air smell on the pillow case — clothes hanging on two straight lines and running through them. Have a neighbor who still hangs out her wash as soon as the weather is warm.
    Speaking of miniatures – we took the grandkids to see the model trains at the Science Center when they were here at Christmas time. They loved it – especially Finn!!

  2. I love the way movment is implied with this scene, which is totally ironic… Great image.

  3. Yes, the photo gives me a sense of those clothes blowing in the breeze.
    When I was a girl my mother always hung out (how did that expression become getting together?. Even in winter. And as the long underwear froze it looked like legs were still in them…then the clothes were brought in and layed on a wooden wrack and smelled of the fresh air….
    On sunny days I still hang the laundry on the line.

  4. Oh, I loved hanging clothes out on the clothes line…..such a
    calming chore. I miss the smell of fresh air on the linens.

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