Samantha at Cafe Sam’s Bar

You look twice. Cause you see her kind of hunched over at the bar  I asked the hostess if it would be okay for me to photograph her.  She said, “Sure!”    Tonight we had dinner at Cafe Sam on Baum Boulevard.   It’s  a big old house.  There were 9 of us, former and one current Greenfield teacher. They come around with samples on a tray, pickled deviled egg with the whites soaked in beet juice, strawberry daiquiri in a tiny cup. And when they bring out your check there is a freshly baked cookie on top!

Mannequin at the bar so it is never empty
The mannequin makes you look twice!

6 thoughts on “Samantha at Cafe Sam’s Bar

  1. She looks like this chick that is always poolside at The Nemacolin Woodlands.
    She doesn’t say much but is very easy to talk to. She also ages well.

    She might make someone a great wife someday. If only she could meet the right guy. Of course, that would depend on her mother.

  2. You capture something here. Why would they have a mannequin looking so sad?
    Lots of color and interesting scene. Sounds like a yummy meal.

  3. It takes a few visits to the restaurant to get used to seeing her sitting there!!

    Enjoyed your company and your poem!!! It was fun to see the old Greenfield gang!! The food was good, too!!!

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