See the “Y” Bridge in Zanesville Ohio (plus other structures)

Yesterday a slideshow with people, today it’s buildings.  Then I promise to lay off the slideshow option for a time. Must be the urge to be a filmmaker that seems to amplify the story with multiple images.

I’ve driven by Zanesville for a few years and never pulled off the interstate. Today was the day.  The town was deserted Sunday afternoon.When I was a kid the family stopped here enroute to Illinois, our annual trek. I recognized nothing although all these buildings would have been built then.   See the “Y” Bridge on National Register of Historic Places where you cross the river and are on the same side of the river.  A hobby shop. Lots of churches. One large building abandoned. Lots of rectangular church tops.  I have noticed them as I drive by.  And the Travelodge Motel.   Muskingum County Courthouse is in the center of town. Check out the power lines right through the middle of town. Zanesville, Ohio.

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  1. Yeah, you’re really a film maker…So many churches–wonder if they are well used?

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